Terms of Service

Conditions for the supply of new multimedia services

Once you have decided to entrust us with the advice of your project / research or anything else, having accepted (in writing / email) the quotation sent by us to you begins the COLLABORATION.

The first step on your part is to pay the deposit as otherwise the work CANNOT BE STARTED IN ANY WAY. So if in the email of the quote we had established a certain delivery timeframe this will start only and exclusively from the moment of receipt of the deposit (always remember to tell us the details of the payment or by fax and / or email!). Furthermore it must be pointed out that if your decision and payment times of the advance were to undergo "extensions" even our times may undergo variations not only due to payment slippage but to any commitments that may have occurred.

For example: if you send us a quote request today and we tell you that in 10 working days you will receive the index, this means that today or at most tomorrow you will have to pay the deposit and give us confirmation. While if for your own reasons more days (or months!) Should pass, it is not said that the working days are still 10!

As regards the number of pages agreed, this is intended to be drawn up with OUR PARAMETERS:

Text font - Times New Roman 13

Character Notes - Times New Roman 10 or 11

Upper margin 3.5 cm, Lower 3.5 cm, Left margin 3 cm and Right 3 cm, Binding Left 0.5

Paragraph values: Line spacing 1.5, Justified Page - A4


In case you were asked for different parameters (and by this we mean smaller font size, greater number of lines, lower margins, smaller notes.) You will tell us when requesting the quote and we will send you the relative price.

The agreed price includes the corrections proposed by the teacher (and not by you!) That will be carried out with variable times or to be clear: the substantial corrections (for example in-depth studies that require further bibliographical research, etc.) will not be done in one day ! In general, to make corrections (all !!!) it takes time (minimum 48 h working, EXCLUDING HOLIDAYS !!!!). Furthermore, it does not include any additions of elaborate parts that would considerably increase the number of pages agreed (for example, the addition of a chapter).

The material will normally be sent via e-mail.

Upon request it can be sent:

- On CD by cash on delivery (additional cost charged to you)

- Paper material (printed matter, bindings, etc.) by cash on delivery (additional cost charged to you)

Payments must be made as follows:

- payment of the down payment requested in the quote

- payment, sending quote, part of the established work (cap., whole job, etc.).

The works will not be sent for any reason if the relative payment has not been made (this also to the detriment of the timing). Through: Payment on PostePay card Bank Transfer (subject to telephone authorization)

With regards to contacts, we remind you that, since our online service (as indicated and explained in detail on the home page), contacts will be made only by phone, or by email and will be managed by the New Multimedia team.

As far as the fiscal aspect is concerned, our prices are all net, it remains tense that in order to issue the invoice you must have sent us all your data including tax code and / or VAT number.

It is necessary to point out that even if expert advice is used, this does not exclude the student from being informed of the content of the work and his commitment to know "to present" what was written to the teacher as the advice is strictly personal and like such must be exploited! Sometimes a job is rejected not because it was done bad BUT BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T KNOW IT PRESENTED AND EXPOSED IN AN APPROPRIATE AND CORRECT MANNER !!!!

It is also recalled that the Law of April 19, 1975 No. 475, sanctions the false attribution of the works of others for the attainment of degrees, diplomas, titles and public dignity. Therefore the services of the Nuovamultimedia team are considered to all intents and purposes as drawn up for personal use, therefore no liability is accepted for any use other than personal use.

“the Nuovamultimedia does not sell theses already made but deals with editorial consultancy for students of all levels”